Silienced Enclosure

MASE IS Series Marine Generators, powered by Yanmar engines, feature low sound and vibration levels, efficient size, and built-in sound shields. The unique MASE Intercooler System creates a capsule of internal re-circulating air that assists the heat exchanger's internal cooling, keeping the engine and alternator at their ideal operating temperature while significantly reducing the ambient temperature outside the GenSet.

Model Max Output (kw/rpm) Cont. Output (HP/rpm) Hz Phase Dry weight (kg)
IS2.6 2kW 1.7kW 50 1 80
IS3.6 3kW 2.7kW 50 1 96
IS5.0 kW 4kW 50 1 130
IS6.1 6.1kW 5.6kW 50 1 54
IS9.1 9kW 8.2kW 50 1 295
IS7 6.7kW 6.2kW 50 1 230
IS12 11.2kW 10.2kW 50 1 344