TNV Series(Radiator) 61-41.9kWm@1500rpm

This compact engine is easy to start and operate. With lower exhaust emissions, low noise and vibration this engine is fuel efficient, durable and reliable.

Model Cont. Output (HP/rpm) Bore X Stroke (mm) Displacement (Litres) Cooling Type Aspiration Dry weight (kg)
3TNV70 14.5(19.4mhp)/3600 70*74mm 0.854 Radiator Natural 98
3TNV76 17.7(23.7mhp)/3600 76*82mm 1.116 Radiator Natural 112
3TNV82A 12.0(16.1mhp)/1800 82*84mm 1.331 Radiator Natural 128
3TNV88 14.8(19.8mhp)/1800 88*90mm 1.642 Radiator Natural 148
3TNV84T 16.6(22.5mhp)/1800 84*90mm 1.496 Radiator Turbocharged 159
4TNV88 19.6(26.3mhp)/1800 88*90mm 2.190 Radiator Natural 165
4TNV84T 24.3(32.6mhp)/1800 84*90mm 1.995 Radiator Turbocharged 170
4TNV98 36.4(48.8mhp)/1800 98*110mm 3.319 Radiator Natural 235
4TNV98T 45.3(60.7mhp)/1800 98*110mm 3.319 Radiator Turbocharged 245