JHT Shaft Drive Series

Compact and powerful, clean and quiet, these are mid-range three and four-cylinder Yanmar diesels based on a completely redesigned engine block and new combustion system. The new 3JH5E and 4JH5E are fully compliant with EPA Tier 3 emissions regulations, so you can enjoy more displacement, power and torque, with low vibration, low noise and low emissions. Maintenance is easy and straightforward.

Model Max Output (kw/rpm) Bore X Stroke (mm) Displacement (Litres) Gearbox Ratio Gearbox Model Dry weight (kg)
4JH4TE 55.2(75mhp)/3200 84*90mm 1.995 0.00 Turbocharg
4JH4TFE 55.2(75mhp)/3200 84*90mm 1.995 2.15 ZF30M 235
4JH4TIE 55.2(75mhp)/3200 84*90mm 1.995 1.93 ZF25AS 237
4JH4HTBE 80.9(110mhp)/3200 84*90mm 1.995 1.47 KM4A2 247
4JH4HTFE 80.9(110mhp)/3200 84*90mm 1.995 2.69 ZF30MG 235
4JH4HTIE 80.9(110mhp)/3200 84*90mm 1.995 1.93 ZF25A 237
4JH3DTHE1 91.9(125mhp)/3200 84*90mm 1,995 2.45 KMH4A 238
4JH3DTHE 91.9(125mhp)/3800 84*90mm 1.995 2.45 KMH4AG 260