LHA Shaft Drive Series 160-240mhp

The best engine in its class just got better. The high power configuration comfortably allows the Yanmar 4LHA to stand world class in all three main areas of comparison namely: power-to-weight ratio, power-to-displacement ratio, power for a given set of engine dimensions The 4LHA is designed for use with a variety of marine gearboxes, including straight, angled and vee-drive, Kanzaki and ZF-Hurth units. While the turbocharger has a waste-gate boost compensator which improves acceleration (4LHA-STP)

Model Max Output (kw/rpm) Bore X Stroke (mm) Displacement (Litres) Gearbox Ratio Gearbox Model Dry weight (kg)
4LHA-HTP 118(160mhp)/3300 100*110mm 3.455 2.43 KMH50A 404
4LHA-DTP 147(200mhp)/3300 100*110mm 3.455 1.26 ZF45 398
4LHA-STP 177(240mhp)/3300 100*110mm 3.455 2.04 ZF63A1 409