LY3A Shaft Drive Series 370-480mhp

Ultra-smooth Yanmar LY Series engines, lightest in their class, incorporate sophisticated electronic control to ensure constant power, almost regardless of operating conditions. They are turbocharged, intercooled and waste-gated six-cylinder power plants, with a wide choice of marine gear. Yanmar has become the benchmark for power-to-weight superiority and the tough, direct-injection LY Series extends the innovative technology to push performance still further.

Model Max Output (kw/rpm) Bore X Stroke (mm) Displacement (Litres) Gearbox Ratio Gearbox Model Dry weight (kg)
6LY3A-UTP 279(380mhp)/3300 106*110mm 5.813 2.43 KMH60A 718
6LY3A-STP 324(440mhp)/3300 106*110mm 5.813 2.04 KMH61A 718
6LY3A-ETP 353(480mhp)/3300 106*110mm 5.813 2.04 KMH61A 718