Cruise 2.0/4.0/10.0/Power 26-104

Suitable for motorboats and sailboats up to 4 tons.

  • Models suited for Dinghies, motor and sail boats up to 10 tons
  • 5hp, 8hp and 20hp equivalent
  • No Noise and No Pollution
  • Sturdy frame for use in demanding environments
  • Optimised propeller design for more thrust or greater speed
  • Intelligent on-board computer with range GPS
  • Torq Trac app provides interactive range information


Cruise 2.0 Cruise 4.0 Cruise 10.0
Input power in watts 2,000 4,000 10,000
Propulsive power in watts 1,120 2,240 5,600
Comparable petrol outboards (propulsive power) 5 HP 8 HP 20 HP
Comparable petrol outboards (thrust) 6 HP 9.9 HP 25 HP
Maximum overall efficiency in % 56 56 56
Static thrust in lbs* 115 189 315
Integrated battery No No No
Nominal voltage 24 48 48
Total weight in kg 15.3(S) / 16.2(L) 16.1(S) / 17.0(L) 47.2(S) / 48.5(L) / 49.4(XL)
Shaft length in cm 62.7(S) / 74.6(L) 62.5(S) / 75.5(L) 38.5(S) / 51.2(L) / 63.9(XL)
Control Remote Throttle or Tiller Remote Throttle or Tiller Remote Throttle or Tiller
Tilting device Manual with grounding protection Manual with grounding protection Manual with grounding protection
Integrated on-board computer Yes Yes Yes
Stepless forward/reverse drive Yes Yes Yes
Minimum no. of Batteries 1 2 4

* Torqeedo static thrust measurement is based on internationally accepted ISO standards. Static thrust figures for conventional trolling motors are typically measured differently, which results in higher values. To compare Torqeedo static thrust data with conventional trolling motors, add approximately 50% to the Torqeedo static thrust values.

Power 26-104

  • High performance lithium batteries for electric boating and on board power supply
  • Integrated information system
  • Waterproof housing and sockets to IP67
  • Leading edge battery management system (BMS)
  • Plug and play with Cruise on-board computer
  • Water sensor that switches off voltage when submerged
  • Water proof vents
  • Voltage can be shut off from the terminals
  • Safety cells offering hardware safety mechanisms on cell level>Safety cells offering hardware safety mechanisms on cell level


General features
Capacity 2,797 Wh
Nominal voltage 25.9 V
Final charging voltage 29.05 V
Final discharging voltage 21.0 V
Nominal charge 108 Ah
Maximum discharge rate 180 A Safety function against short-circuit, must not be used as starter battery
Maximum discharge rate at nominal voltage 4,500 W
Weight 25 kg
Dimensions (L x H x B) 578 x 219 x 254 mm
Volume 32 l
Battery chemistry Li NMC
Protection class IP 67
Technical data and service life
Energy density (Weight) 110 Wh/kg
Energy density (Volume) 84 Wh/l
Power density (Weight) 185 W/kg
Power density (Volume) 141 W/l
Cycle lifetime 800 cycles at 100% deep discharge at 25°C results in ~25% capacity loss
Average annual capacity loss Approx. 4% at 25°C ambient temperature