At Minards we have a huge inventory of both new and used genuine spare parts for Yanmar, John Deere and a range of other top marine and industrial engine brands. For more information on both new and used spare parts or to speak with a parts specialist give us a call on (02) 4914 3800 or email us at

It is essential when replacing parts on your engine to use only genuine spare parts. All of our genuine parts are manufactured to strict quality guidelines and are manufactured using the same materials, machines and production methods as the originals they would replace.

Genuine parts are designed to fulfil all technical and performance requirements precisely. If you are a Yanmar engine owner already, we don’t need to tell you about quality and reliability – you already know that. When you choose genuine parts you are 100% assured of quality, reliability and compliance with original equipment specifications.

Genuine parts deliver:
  • Genuine parts warranty
  • Assured servicing
  • Rapid parts delivery support
  • Access to a worldwide parts database across Asia, USA & Europe
  • Full factory technical support

Protect your investment and ensure the safety of you and those that depend on you by choosing genuine parts.