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The World’s First 350hp Diesel Outboard

The brand new, world first, Cox 350 diesel outboard was officially launched recently at the Miami International Boat Show, to much fanfare!

As part of the launch event, Cox Marine honoured 21 pioneers of history to coincide with this pioneering new outboard diesel engine. It marks another huge step for Cox Marine and the diesel outboard industry. The latest addition to the Cox Marine product line-up is a 350hp variant of their flagship V8 300hp outboard.

The British outboard manufacturer Cox Marine was co-founded by David Cox, who firmly believed that the days of unsafe gasoline outboards were numbered.

Gavin Wesson, current Cox Marine CEO adds, “Believing there had to be a better way was the thought that inspired our pioneering journey to develop a lightweight outboard powered by alternative fuel options to petrol that meant not having to compromise on what is important.

“The launch of our first product, the Cox Marine 300 – a 4.4 litre, twin-turbo, 300-horsepower V8, made that vision a reality.”

“Deciding to design our outboard from a blank sheet of paper allowed us to push ourselves ahead, creating a platform that enables further growth, development, and, more importantly… serious power!”

With that, Cox Marine introduces the newest member of its product line-up, the Cox Marine 350, the latest in The V8 family – an outboard that sets new standards in fuel economy, power delivery and safety.

Wesson adds, “The new 350 allows us to power higher displacement vessels efficiently across both the recreational and commercial sectors. This enables us to work with new customers and enhance our from-factory offering to existing partners.”

“Building on our tried-and-tested V8 architecture, the Cox Marine 350 is a testament to the capability of this platform, the technology within and its growth potential.”

With an increased turbo capacity, among other alterations to the entry-level in the power range, this cutting-edge variant sets a new norm in what we should all expect from our marine propulsion units: an outboard that closes the gap to petrol outboards more than any other.

Already proving its performance credentials, the Cox Marine 350 outboard propelled Cox forward in breaking its speed record, powered by alternative fuels, in October last year.

Adam Gurr, Cox Marine’s Product Director, notes, “The creation of the V8 represented the start of a new generation of outboard technology, offering the only alternative propulsion solution purpose-built for the marine industry.”

“The V8 meets the understandably increasing demand for a propulsion option that provides equal levels of performance, convenience, time, and economy.”

Ideally suited for both the commercial and recreational boating segments, the new Cox 350 offers a cleaner, more powerful and more economical boating option.

The launch of the Cox Marine 350 marks the next chapter in Cox Marine’s ambition for cleaner, safer seas for everyone. Check out the all new Cox 350 diesel outboard here.